cetacea Whitepapers

The cetacea whitepaper series also provides a succinct introduction to special issues. So far, these whitepapers have covered subjects such as communication during mergers & acquisitions, during culture change phases, in situations of insolvency, in restructuring and in projects.

Compliance Communications

Author: cetacea GmbH

A lesson for everyone - Today, the need for effective compliance management is no longer only recognised by DAX listed groups and other major listed and internationally active companies. Small and medium-size businesses, too, have recognised the importance of compliance.

Culture Change Communications

Author: cetacea GmbH

Corporate culture and change - In times of economic downturn and crisis, top management demands a culture of high performance, customer focus, joint struggle for a future – and is willing to take the harder road: restructuring and reorientation of the company; cost reduction programs, with simultaneous culture change and more intensive communication.

Employer Branding

Author: cetcea GmbH

Employer Branding is more than HR marketing and goes beyond brand promises and advertising slogans. It means not just making but also keeping promises. To be successful, a strategically planned employer branding initiative has to take into account all relevant divisions and employees of a company.

Innovation culture and communication

Author: cetacea GmbH

Every company that is successful in the long term must also be an innovative company – it would not be able to survive in the market without change and improvement. However, with
the need to respond ever faster to market changes and opportunities, innovation should not just be seen as an ongoing process and operational task. It must be firmly anchored as an
integral part of company culture.

Communications in the event of self-administration during insolvency

Author: cetacea GmbH

Communications establish continuity - The aim of the change in insolvency legislation as a result of the ESUG is not just to make it easier in Germany to restructure companies that are struggling to survive – legislators wish to make restructuring the rule rather than the exception. And what is more, restructuring through self-administration wherever possible. For this reason one factor assumes vital significance for company management teams...

Management communications

Author: cetacea GmbH

Provider of information, interpreter of reality, role model: The direct superior usually is the most reliable source of information for the employees. He/she interprets facts and evaluates them. Trustworthy information are of particular importance in times of change - not just for the employees.

Mergers & Acquisitions Communications

Author: cetacea GmbH

Mergers & Acquisitions – or: one plus one makes three. In the recent past, many companies viewed mergers & acquisitions as a tried and tested means of entering a new market or improving a weak market position. However, not least due to the volatility of the markets, global M&A activities are now stagnating in terms of both monetary value and volume. Whatever the number of acquisitions, a large proportion are nevertheless destined to fail. The main stumbling block is incorrect management of the integration process and the associated synergies.

Project Communications

Author: cetacea GmbH

Dialogue – a vital component for project success? A definition of success in major projects - Where communication is needed during project management, companies often merely provide information. By contrast, systematic communication as an integral element of a project means considering the need to relay information tailored to individual requirements, considering emotional aspects relating to acceptance and ensuring a carefully timed news agenda. Almost all successful project managers have a genuine flair for communication – but this talent can only reach its full potential through direct contact and personal dialogue. Once there is a need to communicate with large target groups – such as function clusters within the company, the entire workforce, the public, the media – successful communication calls for specific measures to be anchored in the process plan. They represent the necessary oil in the gears of the project without which the entire project process is jeopardised. Almost all projects involve some aspect of change and can thus also be considered change projects in the broadest sense of the word. Generally, major projects and programs focus on four points: Dialogue – a vital component for project success?

Restructuring Communications

Author: cetacea GmbH

Restructuring: recognising a crisis as an opportunity Corporate crises and need for action - Especially when faced with economic crises – such as the 2009 financial crisis or the European sovereign debt crisis – companies must repeatedly adapt to market conditions in order to safeguard their existence and the organisation's future viability generally starts with an acute crisis situation that threatens the company's existence and that is attributable to both external and internal problems. Due to the extreme dynamics in sales and capital markets, strategic deficits quickly affect a company's profitability, fails to respond correctly, and in time it will experience liquidity shortages and an imminent risk of insolvency.