Our name

cetacea GmbH - Our name

22,511 kilometres…that is the distance that a female West Pacific gray whale travelled from the Russian island Sachalin to the coast of Mexico and back in 172 days.

622…different sounds can be made by certain whale species. Recordings suggest that the combination of sounds is constantly changing and evolving. Underwater, whale songs can often be heard across hundreds of kilometres.

“cetacea” is the Latin word for the order of whales. We chose this namesake because whales have one of the most highly developed navigation systems, and on top of that, practise sophisticated, highly efficient and powerful communication.

For our customers, we want to achieve on land what these impressive animals achieve underwater.

cetacea supports its customers with Transition Management, in other words, with helping them find their way from A to B.

Protection of whales

We are fascinated by our namesakes, whales and dolphins. That is why we want to contribute to their protection of their eco-system and support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS).