Our clients gladly provide personal references regarding our work and our shared successes. Our reputation is our greatest asset.

"Eine zentrale Herausforderung unseres Wachstums- und Transformationsprogramms war es, die Chancen und Potenziale einer engeren Zusammenarbeit vorher getrennter Organisationsbereiche den Führungskräften anschaulich und plausibel zu machen. Dabei ging es nicht zuletzt auch darum, dieses Transformationsprogramm als Teil der Gesamtstrategie von thyssenkrupp zu kommunizieren. cetacea hat dafür nicht nur das große Bild gezeichnet, sondern auch die Emotion ins Spiel gebracht, ohne die kein Vorhaben gelingen kann. Hierbei zeigte cetacea ein sehr gutes Verständnis für die geschäftlichen und kulturellen Anforderungen des Prozesses und seiner Umsetzung."

Dr. Hans Christoph Atzpodien, ehem. Mitglied des Vorstandes, thyssenkrupp AG

"We needed internal communication specialists with a flair for dealing with exceptional situations. We needed people who could understand our situation quickly, give us appropriate advice, and support us in implementing the recommendations efficiently. We did not need perfection – but we did need pragmatic solutions to communication problems in a complex multi-national structure."

Peter Bauer, former CEO Infineon Technologies AG

"cetacea has an eye for the sort of details which are often overlooked, combined with a strategic approach that does not lose sight of the big picture. With its particular expertise in dealing with special situations, cetacea has helped us to make our staff aware of the urgent state of affairs. It was important that both managers and employees understand why we make the decisions we do and how they can contribute to the success of the project in their everyday work. Without cetacea we might well have underestimated the importance of communication."

Peer Knauer, former CEO Versatel AG

"Not only has cetacea supported us with the communication for our change process both internally and externally, they have also played a key role in driving that process forward. Their presence on site at our premises allowed continuous direct and intensive exchange with managers and employees. cetacea's work was vital to the success of our transformation."

Dr. Bernd Ruppert, former CEO NextiraOne Deutschland GmbH

"We were impressed right from start with their strategic insight, reliable analyses, skill at developing innovative concepts and all-round implementation expertise. cetacea has been our partner since the company's startup phase, when we were first developing our brand, and has provided a first-class service on a very diverse range of projects ever since."

Dr. Harald Linné, Managing Partner Atreus GmbH

"Fundamental to cetacea's approach is the focus on content, from which they then consistently determine what means to use. Combined with this is their comprehensive knowledge of the structural patterns and processes in global companies. This is what really sets them apart."

Brigitte Müller, Head of Communications Intel Mobile Communications GmbH